You work hard on your business. We work hard on our coffee. Let’s work hard together.

Our Legacy in Specialty Coffee

When it comes to specialty coffee, Coffee Bean Roasting House was one of the first. One of the pioneers. The coffee wholesaler that defined specialty coffee in regional NSW from our beginnings in Tamworth. Since our inception in the early 1990's, Coffee Bean has been an industry leader when it comes to in-house roasting, expert brewing, support, and technique.

Whilst we launched in Tamworth in the early '90s, we now have a team spread across regional NSW with our base in Dubbo, supported by our sites in Tamworth and Armidale. As a leading coffee wholesale supplier, you'll find our coffee spread across the countryside from the base of the Blue Mountains to Bourke, Tenterfield to Albury. We not only understand the challenges of the coffee industry, but also the unique challenges of regional and rural Australia.

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Online: Partnering for Growth

Today, Coffee Bean supplies homes, offices, and cafes across regional Australia with award-winning coffee, cafe equipment, premium juices, and more. We're passionate about delivering the finest wholesale coffee beans online, understanding the needs of regional and rural Australia, and about growing your business.

We believe you don't need yet another supplier; that's why we partner with you. We work with you as much or as little as you'd like, from helping with industry trends and insights, profitable pricing, marketing suggestions, and promotional assistance to complimentary staff training and support. 

As your premier wholesale coffee suppliers online, we provide a variety of options, including the opportunity to bulk buy coffee beans. Our dedication goes beyond providing bulk wholesale coffee beans; we're here to support your
passion and grow alongside your business.

We hope to work together soon, supporting you in serving award-winning coffee and growing your business. Partner with us for great-tasting coffee beans, café equipment, and ongoing support.

Bulk Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans Online

We know you work hard to make great coffee, please your customers, and run a profitable business. That’s why we work hard to provide the best coffee beans, full support, and ongoing service so you can make that happen.

Together, we can work to make you the café of choice for your local community, because we are what great coffee and service should be.

For more information about partnering with Coffee Bean Roasting House to grow your café, contact us today. Dive into our collections to explore the variety we offer; discover unique flavours in single-origin coffee, find perfect combinations in our blends, or cater to all preferences with our decaf, milk, and syrups options.

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Your wholesale questions answered

Coffee Bean Roasting House offers a wide range of single-origin coffee beans and blends that we know both you and your customers will adore.

View our coffee beans to find our most popular and award-winning beans and blends to inspire you to explore our diverse world of coffee for yourself.

If you’re not sure which to choose, we can personally deliver some of our fresh samples to you and help guide you so you can decide which will best suit your café.

All our speciality grade coffee beans are carefully sourced through ethical and fair-trade channels and relationships.

We make a conscious choice to limit our environmental impact and carbon footprint throughout our facilities.

We’ve got everything you need and more.

If you don’t have the equipment you need, or you’re looking to upgrade once our coffee makes you the most popular place in town, Coffee Bean can provide you with the machines, grinders and accessories that you’re after.

As part of our personalised service, we’ll come to you to discuss all your equipment
needs, as well as your budget and your typical customer flow to align you with the perfect solution.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what you need, we can source it directly from the supplier to your doorstep. Our blends taste great no matter what equipment you use.

We provide several payment options including wholesale purchase, rent-to-buy and free on-loan equipment.

Ask about our options when you’re speaking to us next.

We’re always just a phone call away.

If your equipment breaks down, we’ll repair it in around 24 to 48 hours* or
provide you with a loan machine free-of-charge until your equipment is back up and running.

*Subject to the availability of our
Service Team during trading days. We’ll work together to solve the issue asap.

Here at Coffee Bean, we don’t just provide you with the best coffee beans.

We can also train your staff to make the best coffee every day as part of our valued partnership with your café.

At The Coffee Bean Roasting Academy, your staff will enjoy a day of team bonding as they complete their barista coffee training at our roastery facilities, using the same equipment they use every day at your café.

They’ll discover more about the origins of coffee and the roasting process, before learning the proper barista techniques for everything from tamping and extraction to cleaning.

This free experience ensures that your staff can continue to provide your customers with the best-tasting coffee and help to grow your business in your region.