Alternative Brewing

Alternate Brewing From The Coffee Bean Roasting House

There are many ways to enjoy your morning brew, and Coffee Bean Roasting House has you covered with the best quality products for various brewing methods. 

Check out our Brew Guides for some quick guidance on getting the most out of your coffee using various brewing methods. 

From making either hot or cold coffee using the VacOne, traditional espressos that'll make Nonna proud with the GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso or bold and rich French Press or Plunger coffee with GROSCHE Melbourne French Press, our team is available to help you find a suitable and delicious brewing method for your household or workplace. 

If you're looking for home espresso machines, Coffee Bean stocks leading products from the world's best espresso brands, so you can have cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your home. 

Ranging from the Rocket Appartamento built from commercial components but the convenience of an internal water tank to the Rocket Giotto Type R using a commercial grade rotary pump and providing the options of tanked water or being plumbed into mains water. The Sanremo Cube adds a pop of stylish colour to your kitchen with its minimalist design and bright colours, yet is still packed full of modern technology, efficiency and capability that Sanremo Commercial Machines are known for.