Sourced from a single farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Extensive work by a number of government and agricultural bodies has meant the development of hybrids such as K7 and SL6 specifically for the Australian environment.

NSW is uniquely subtropical with a cooler microclimate which allows the cherries a longer ripening period, usually 10-11 months. The longer the ripening time, the better the flavour. The rich volcanic soils in Northern NSW play a significant part in the sweet, chocolate notes in the coffees.

Producing Region: Byron Bay Hinterland, New South Wales, Australia
Coffee Varietals: Typica, K7, SL6
Terrain: Low plateau, fertile plains
Altitude: 200 - 400 MASL
Soil: Varied
Processing: Fully washed
Roast: Medium-light
Body: Medium
Flavour: Marzipan, Cocoa, Nutty, Toasty, Biscuity. 
Cupping Score: 80
Recipe: 20g espresso grind | 28 seconds | 40g yield

Available in:

  • 250g bags
  • 1kg bags

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