Café Crema

Cafe Crema makes for an excellent all day coffee blending Indonesian, Colombian, Tanzanian and Indian beans with Tanzanian Peaberry.

A medium-dark roast with full flavour of smooth chocolates and a pleasant lingering caramel biscoff aftertaste. As the name suggests, Cafe Crema produces a thick, rich crema as an espresso, making it a favourite among passionate baristas and ideal for latte art. This blend performs well in dairy and alternative milk making it a perfect choice for cafes needing to serve a blend that will cut through almond, soy, lactose free and dairy milks.

Origins: Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia
Flavour notes: Milk chocolate and biscoff
Body: Medium-dark roast, full body, balanced
Equipment: Espresso machine, french press
Espresso Recipe:
 22.5g espresso grind | 28 Seconds | 45g yield

Available in:

  • 250g bags
  • 1kg bags

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