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It’s no secret that there’s been a huge shift in milk preferences among coffee lovers in recent years. Any café that wants to strive for customer service excellence needs a diverse range of milk options to choose from, and an ample supply to ensure you don’t run out.

At Coffee Bean Roasting House, we know how important milk (and milk substitutes) are to the overall flavour profile of a decent cup of coffee. That’s why we take our milk as seriously as we take ourcoffee bean blends.

We pride ourselves on supplying Australians with an eclectic range of delicious and well-balanced milk products to cater for everyone’s unique preferences – from lactose-free options to soy milk, almond milk and even macadamia milk. 

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Coffee Bean Roasting House is a proud supplier of MILKLAB and Bonsoy for cafes that are serious about producing barista quality coffee and other hot beverages.

MILKLAB has been creating mouth-watering alternative milk products for nearly 10 years now, with the specific goal of providing the hospitality industry with top-tier milk alternatives that elevate the coffee experience for Australians.

While our selection of MILKLAB dairy alternatives caters for a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs, every product listed here has one thing in common – they all texture and stretch with high performance, providing a creamy mouthfeel that never fails to compliment the flavour of espresso coffee.

As for Bonsoy, well… they were way ahead of the game, starting out back in the ‘80s. It was the first modern Japanese soy milk to arrive in Australia, and it has stood the test of time thanks to superior frothability and stretchability. 

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Coffee Bean Roasting House is your go-to destination for delicious artisan coffee bean blends and barista milk for cafés that are serious about quality. Shop with us for milk alternatives,single origin beans,decaf,pods and more.

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