About Us

We love making great coffee and source high quality beans from throughout the world.

Over many years we have tested and tasted different blends searching for the perfect cup of coffee.

The Coffee Bean Roasting House is based in Dubbo, NSW and Tamworth, NSW servicing homes, offices and hospitality businesses across Australia. 

Our coffee beans come from all corners of the globe, from specialty coffee farms in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Brazil, Indonesia, Costa Rica and more before being blended and roasted in the clean country air of central New South Wales and sent directly to our customers.

The Coffee Bean Roasting House brand has become synonymous with quality, fresh roasted coffee and exceptional customer service, from people that care. 

Over the years, we’ve picked up a swag of accolades from Sydney Fine Foods Coffee Competition, The Golden Bean competition in Australia and in Portland, USA, the Royal Melbourne International Coffee Awards and more. 

Bottom line – we love making great coffee and am sure you will enjoy the coffee and the other quality items we have available.

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