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Coffee Bean Roasting Houses offers a variety of artisan coffee beans from around the world, carefully blended together to create enjoyable flavours that are unique to us. Our specialty coffees are roasted to perfection in order to bring out their natural aromas and flavours. We’ve meticulously sourced our beans from all over the globe, selecting only the finest for our blends.

Our coffee bean blends feature a wide range of unique flavours, from dark and bold coffees with strong nutty & chocolate notes, to light roasted options with fruity undertones. Whether you prefer a light or dark blend, we have something for everyone! Each type of bean is selected for its quality, aroma and flavour profile before being carefully roasted and blended together.

Every item featured here is available in 250g and 1kg bags, and for help finding the perfect coffee bean blend for your taste buds, try our coffee quiz!

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Whether it’s for personal consumption at home or commercial use in your café, you’ll find the perfect coffee bean blend for your needs and preferences in Coffee Bean Roasting House’s online collection.

Director's Choice (our darkest blend) has won multiple awards, displaying rich chocolate and deep caramel flavour notes. If you’re after a superb all-day coffee,Supreme (our most popular blend for cafes, offices and home drinkers alike) is a crowd-pleasing all-rounder. Other excellent all-day coffee blends includeDandaloo andRed Belly Black.

Our blends feature beans from Tanzania, Indonesia, Colombia, El Salvador and everywhere in-between. Some blends are better for the French press, while others are ideal for latte art – read the individual descriptions for more specific information, or speak to us directly for tailored advice and recommendations.

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In addition to the quality and flavour of our blends, we also strive to provide sustainable practices throughout our entire operation. All of our green coffee beans come from farmers who practice ethical and sustainable farming, and we pay above market rates to ensure our farmers receive fair compensation for their work. Coffee Bean Roasting House also sources certified Fair Trade and certified Organic coffee beans.

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