For our wholesale partners, we provide guidance on-site at your venue, or at our facility and additional support is always only a phone call away.

Serving coffee correctly and consistently is essential for your business.

Becoming a wholesale partner with Coffee Bean entitles your business to our barista coffee training at our roastery in 'The Academy'. We use World Barista Championship grade espresso equipment and the same machines we sell - so your staff are learning on the same equipment they'll be using day-to-day.

For offices, visiting The Academy is a great day out for your staff. Have fun learning about coffee and barista basics to enjoy the most out of your office coffee setup.

For cafés, restaurants, and bars it really helps to train your staff away from your premises. With no distractions, you can quickly bring the whole team up to basic, barista or even SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standard.

Whilst here, you'll learn about origins, the roasting process and barista techniques with everything from tamping and extraction to cleaning!

Chat with your sales rep about booking in if you're already a Coffee Bean wholesale customer.

If you're not a wholesale customer, don't worry! Please speak with us to tailor an experience suited to you and your team at our site or yours.