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Welcome to Coffee Bean Roasting House: Your One-Stop Destination for Premium Cafe Supplies

Here at Coffee Bean Roasting House, we don't just love making excellent coffee – we live for it. Our passion for the humble coffee bean transcends its journey from tropical regions across the world to our locations in Dubbo and Tamworth, NSW.

Our award-winning coffee might be the star of the show, but our commitment to quality extends to every product we offer. In this spirit, we invite you to browse our exquisite selection of café consumables and barista supplies, available for purchase online and shipped Australia-wide.

A Symphony of Flavours for All Taste Buds

Our extensive range of cafe supplies starts with our delicious selection ofnon-dairy milks. As we cater to all dietary needs, we carry soy, almond, and macadamia milk options, alongside other lactose-free alternatives. Sourced from trusted suppliers, these products offer rich, creamy textures and subtle flavour profiles to complement our top-notch coffee. Whether it's the light, nutty notes of almond milk or the full-bodied creaminess of macadamia milk, there's something for everyone in our range.

Accessorise Your Coffee Experience

A great cup of coffee isn't just about what's inside the cup; it's also about the cup itself. Ourcoffee cups, complete with lids, are sturdy, heat-resistant, and offer a comfortable grip – promising a spill-free, on-the-go coffee experience. These eco-friendly cups are perfect for homes, offices, or hospitality businesses keen to buy cafe supplies online.

Flavoured Syrups and Chai Coffee Powder: A Dash of Magic in Every Sip

Bring the cafe to your home or office with our array of flavoured syrups. Oursyrups offer a simple yet effective way to add a sweet twist to your daily coffee routine. From traditional vanilla and caramel to more exotic flavours, they're perfect for those who love to experiment and personalise their brews.

OurChai coffee powder, a beautiful blend of robust coffee and aromatic Indian spices, offers a taste like no other. This alluring fusion, packed with exotic flavours and a hint of sweetness, promises a sensory experience that transports you straight to the heart of India.

Buy Barista Supplies Online: Wholesale and Ready to Ship Australia-Wide

Our commitment to providing quality cafe supplies doesn't stop at the individual consumer. We understand the demands of running a cafe or hospitality business, which is why we offer our entire range of café consumables and barista supplies on a wholesale basis. Enjoy competitive prices, seamless online ordering, and prompt Australia-wide shipping on all our products.

Take the next step in elevating your coffee experience. With Coffee Bean Roasting House, you'll always have access to the best cafe supplies online. From the heart of NSW, our products are ready to make their journey to your doorstep, one order at a time. Your perfect cup of coffee is just a click away.

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