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Coffee Bean Roasting House supplies offices and other commercial businesses with state-of-the-art coffee machines and milk fridges from Dr. Coffee – an industry leader in user-friendly coffee machines and fridges for the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to keep your workforce caffeinated and productive or you’re looking to offer your valued customers/clients the opportunity for a warm beverage when they visit your premises, these machines won’t disappoint.

At Coffee Bean Roasting House, we specifically chose to supply these machines and milk fridges because Dr. Coffee is renowned for constructing durable products with quality materials for longevity. Rest assured, your Dr. Coffee machine and milk fridge will serve your workplace well for many years (and countless cups of coffee) to come.

Buy a milk fridge for your coffee machine, from Coffee Bean Roasting House

The Dr. Coffee F11 coffee machine is more than capable of accommodating small and medium-sized spaces, high-functioning and complete with a sleek aesthetic to reflect an air of professionalism for your business.

From non-pressurised regular coffee to pressurised espressos, cappuccinos and all your team’s favourite warm beverages, the F11 is a versatile machine that is remarkably easy to use and even facilitates customised coffee orders.

What better way to boost workplace morale than with a Dr. Coffee F11 coffee machine and accompanying milk fridge? Coffee Bean Roasting House is your premier destination to buy Dr. Coffee products in NSW.

State-of-the-art equipment, impeccable quality coffee beans and top quality milk products online at Coffee Bean Roasting House

Whether you’re a café owner, office manager or just a passionate coffee lover looking to elevate your home drinking experience, we pride ourselves on supplying Australians with fantastic coffee products for affordable prices. Shop with us forsingle origin,blends,decaf,pods, and a wide range ofmilk alternatives.

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