VacOne Air Brewer

VacOne uses air to brew coffee – a new and revolutionary technology which delivers smoother hot coffee, faster cold brew, and coffee concentrate for milk-based drinks. All in one compact device.
WINNER: Best Cold Brew Maker 2021 - Esquire Gadget Awards

  • Patent-pending VacTec® air brewing technology.
  • Hot coffee and cold brew with same device.
  • Up to 14oz coffee serving size.
  • Make up to 100 cups on a single charge.
  • Recharge over USB in two hours.
  • Hand-made borosilicate glass carafe.
  • Re-usable metal mesh filter - environmentally friendly, no waste and no extra purchases.

    Record Brewing Time: Filter coffee can be brewed ithin 30 seconds and cold brew within 4 minutes

    Sustainable:A reusable metal filter eliminates the need for paper filters, reducing waste.

    One Device: Producing both hot coffee, and cold brew.

    Developing at Origin:VacTec is the first coffee brewing method and maker, developed entirely at origin, in Colombia. 

    Flavour: The brewing process reduces bitterness and acidity to produce a balanced and smooth coffee.