Sanremo Zoe Competition Tall 2 Group

Simplicity user interface with shot timers

Found in thousands of pubs, bakeries and cafes all over the country this is THE perfect entry-level commercial espresso machine. A solid performer which not only looks amazing on your counter but has a clear shot timer on each group to ensure you can reliably pump out consistently great coffee.

Sanremo Zoe Competition is a high-performance and modern-style machine offering exceptional value. It is a machine that provides top-of-the-range quality for a great entry-level price. Its eye-catching exterior is a brand new innovation in espresso machine design, where the frame forms part of the exterior of the machine, meaning the machine is constructed from an all-in-one build material giving it strength and style which currently unmatched.

Zoe Competition machine has calibrated water temperature to aim for the bulk of drinks being served close to 91∞c. It gives a near-perfect heat for espresso without the need for a temperature control system. It comes with two fast steam wands, a 10-litre boiler (2 Group) and a hot water tap.

Take away the guesswork
With shot timers on each group, baristas can see the actual time that the machine is taking to produce every shot of espresso. This enables more control over the taste of coffee than any other machine in its class.
Consistent espresso every time
Its activated electronic pre-infusion will even out any inconsistencies in your puck of coffee giving you excellent control over the extraction process and overall clarity.
Get the very best from your coffee
Engineered for great-tasting coffee she may be small but this machine is making waves in the industry. Price, size, capacity and function ñ the Zoe Vision has you covered!

Additional Features

  • Individual group shot timers
  • LED Lighting of the work area
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Separate hot water tap for tea and long black coffee
  • 4 button programmable buttons for shot volume
  • Double and single spout handles
  • Easy access to servicing
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Steam boiler capacity: 10 litres (2 Group) & 14 litres (3 Group)
  • Activated electronic pre-infusion
  • Easy volumetric programming

Model 2 Group 3 Group
Width 720 mm 950 mm
Depth 528 mm 528 mm
Height 537 mm 537 mm
Cup Clearance 160 mm 160 mm
Power Capacity 230/240 1N
380/415 3N
15A 230/240 1N
380/415 3N
Boiler Capacity 10 L 14 L
Net Weight 58 kg 69 kg