Luis Aníbal Calderón - Gesha

A superb Gesha coffee from Colombia from Luis Anibal Calderon. This super premium coffee comes in a limited number of 250g bags so treasure the experience once brewed.

Defined by floral qualities, as we find in many Gesha coffees, this particular offering is very sweet, thanks to expert processing by Luis Anibal. You'll find very prominent sweetness and acidity. 

Cupping Score: 90
Flavour notes: Jasmine, tea like, honey & Mango.

Limited release - please call office to confirm stock availability. This coffee is roasted to order. 

Discover an exceptional coffee experience with Luis Anibal Calderon's exquisite Gesha coffee, hailing from the verdant landscapes of Colombia. This super premium coffee is not just a beverage; it's a journey, encapsulated in a limited edition of 250g bags, each promising an unforgettable brewing moment.

Crafted with mastery, this Gesha coffee boasts an intricate balance of sweetness and acidity, distinguished by its floral qualities—a signature of the Gesha variety. Every sip unfolds layers of jasmine, tea-like nuances, honey, and a lingering mango aftertaste, attaining a remarkable cupping score of 90. Such a symphony of flavors isn't by chance; it's the result of Luis Anibal's expert processing and his dedication to excellence.

This coffee's story is as compelling as its taste. Luis Anibal Calderon, a second-generation coffee farmer, has nurtured his passion for coffee on the family farm, Villa Betulia, in Acevedo, Huila, for over four decades. His journey was fraught with challenges, from facing the brink of losing his farm to transforming it into a sanctuary for over 13 different coffee varieties, including the exceptional Gesha. Villa Betulia's unique terroir, enriched by volcanic soil and nestled near a tropical forest, gifts this coffee its fruity taste and enhanced sweetness.

In 2015, Luis embarked on a mission to dedicate his farm entirely to exotic coffee varieties, marking the beginning of a new era for Finca Villa Betulia as a beacon of specialty coffee. This Gesha coffee is not merely a product but a testament to resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of unmatched quality.

Roasted to order and available in limited releases, we invite you to secure your own bag of this extraordinary coffee. It's not just an indulgence; it's an exploration of flavors, a tribute to a farmer's life's work, and a rare opportunity to partake in the legacy of one of Colombia's finest coffee producers.

Dive into the remarkable world of Luis Anibal Calderon's Gesha coffee. From its rich farmer's story to its superior flavor profile, every aspect of this coffee is designed to intrigue, delight, and inspire. This is your invitation to experience the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship—reserve your exclusive taste of Colombia today.

Country of origin: Colombia
Producer: Luis Aníbal Calderón
Department: Huila
Municipal: Acevedo
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1,620 masl
Average temperature: 5C - 28C
Cupping Score: 90
Espresso Recipe: 20g espresso grind | 28 seconds | 40g yield

Brewing Method – v60
Dosage – 16g of coffee grounds
Output – 280ml of water
Water Temperature : 93c
Brewing Time : 2mins 30 seconds – 2mins 45seconds

Available in:

  • 250g bags
  • 800g bags