Sanremo CUBE

Be your own barista

The CUBE is Sanremo's most compact coffee machine yet! Beneath its compact exterior lies the exceptional power and technology of every Sanremo Coffee machine.

Available in a large range of colours and designs, the CUBE is one machine that suits any space. Barista-standard coffee in your own home, at work, wherever and whenever you want. The CUBE ensures the highest quality coffee experience, cup after cup. Itís time to be your own barista.

1.9L heat exchanger boiler stainless
steel AISI 316
1.8L internal water tank
E61 themosyphon group with pre-infusion
Boiler power (1500W/230Vac)
Energy Saving System
WIFI connection with web app
Complete set of accessories for user experience
Selectable water supply from internal tank or mains water line
High performance volumetric pump rated 54L/h
Digital display
Width: 32.3 cm Depth: 46.5 cm Height: 36.9 cm Weight: 26.5 kg
Country of Origin Italy