PT2 Electronic Tamp by Cinoart

The Precision Tamper 2 by Cinoart, is the most advanced Auto-Tamp on the market. With various programmable features and built-in GLS (Guide Levelling System), the PT2 is guaranteed to give you a flat and level tamp every time, no exceptions, whilst improving efficiency and consistency in your espresso preparation.

High quality coffee is, by its very nature, a craft. So when we start automating some of the process, this can seem like a step towards mass production and away from artisanal workmanship. But as humans we are not good at precise, repetitive tasks - take the loaf of bread as an example - never before has a slice of bread been more uniform, it has even coined a phrase. So look at a coffee tamping machine in the same way, helping you to be more accurate and consistent whilst allowing you to hone your many other coffee skills and engage more genuinely with customers.