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The Moka Pot has hardly changed since it was first invented in the 1930s – and for good reason! A vintage method that will instil an Italian vibe to your day, the stovetop Moka pot is an easy way to make a small cup that packs a punch. Moka Pot brewing requires close attention and more time to prepare than more modern approaches, but this might just be the method you fire up for slow Sunday mornings. Keep it clean, always use fresh ground coffee beans, use filtered or distilled water, and you’ll have a classic brew that will make any Nonna proud. With a hardy construction and no disposable filter necessary, this is also an eco-friendly option that we love to toss in our packs to take camping. A staple in European kitchens, they’re still made to last and make for an excellent and authentic espresso.

Time required: 5-8 minutes. Not too much longer, not too much shorter, otherwise you risk burning your coffee.

Flavour: Very rich and similar to espresso when brewed at the optimal interval.

What you’ll need:

  • Moka pot,
  • whole coffee beans (grind finely), and
  • a grinder.

Difficulty: Simple in theory, intermediate to master.

Stove Top Moka Pot Method

  1. Preheat your coffee mug. Be sure to discard this water around step 6
  2. Using coffee ground for stovetop espresso, fill the filter basket so it is level at the top
  3. Fill the water reservoir to just below the safety valve.
  4. Place the filter basket into the water reservoir and screw in the top brew chamber.
  5. Place on your stove to suit the size of the moka pot base – usually the smallest one
  6. Allow to brew at medium heat setting.
  7. Once you hear a hissing/gurgling sound remove from heat and pour right away.

You can dilute with hot water to make a long black or adding frothed milk to the coffee creates results similar to what you can achieve from espresso machines.