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Asia and Pacific Islands

1.      Papua New Guinea
Excellent coffee climate and volcanic soil. In the cup, this brew contains full bodied smoothness, rich earth flavours and low acidity.

2.      Indonesian
A bold full bodied coffee with low acidity.A distinctive aroma and a spicy/sulphury flavour characteristic of the soils on which it is grown.A vibrant and easy drinking coffee.
3.      Australian – Award Winning
“Best Australian Coffee at Show”in the Royal Sydney Fine Foods Show. Grown in the tablelands region near Cairns and is the best coffee grown in Australia. Medium to light body andlight acidity.
The Americas
4.      Columbian Supremo
One of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.A well rounded cup with sharp acidity and heady aroma. The flavour is consistently clean, mellow and nicely balanced.
5.      Costa Rica; RFA
Tangy and refreshing with medium body, sunny acidity and an unequally soft sweet aftertastefound in only the best.A hint of almonds.
6.      El Salvador  (Organic/RFA) – Award winning
Award winning, this coffee is medium roasted to produce a smooth and creamy coffee with a distinctive chocolaty taste.

Out of Africa
7.      Tanza Gold
Classic blend of peaberry beans roasted to bring out the full strong flavour
8.      Kenya AA
Grown at high elevations and ranks with the world’s finest. A bright acidic coffee, intense flavour, very hearty and gives a distinctive spicy flavour.