Our Services & Awards

The Coffe Bean Roating House.Image.Coffe Beans and cuppa

Our services

The Coffee Bean Roasting House was established in 1994 in Tamworth and started roasting in Dubbo in 2012.

To support people’s experience of a consistently good cup of coffee we:-

• Provide support in the maintenance and cleaning of coffee equipment

• Run sessions on skills development for operators

• Conduct “Roaster Door Experience” sessions for groups by appointment

• Offer courses for home brewers

Our Awards

While we know our customers love our coffee a few years ago we decided to enter our blends in
some of Australia’s most prestigious fine food shows.

We are happy to report we did very well at these events and even took out the Champion Australian
Coffee title at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

It’s good to know others think as highly of our coffee as our customers do.