Single Origin

El Salvador- Award Winning (Organic / Rain Forest Alliance)

  •  Roast; Medium
  •  Body; Medium / Full
  •  Flavour; Smooth/Creamy/ Chocolaty

Award winning, this coffee is medium roasted to produce a smooth and creamy coffee with a distinctive chocolaty taste.

El Salvador

Costa Rica Roast (Rain Forest Alliance)

  • Roast; Light/Medium
  • Body; Medium
  • Flavour; Soft/Sweet/Almonds and Blueberries

Tangy and refreshing with a medium body and a soft sweet almond aftertaste found in only the best beans.

Costa Rica

Australian- Award Winning

  • Roast; Light with Dark
  • Body; Medium
  • Flavour; Mild/ Smooth/Nutty

“Best Australian Coffee at Show” in the Sydney Fine Foods Show. An all Australian coffee grown in the hinterlands of the Great Barrier Reef of which is the best coffee grown in Australia. Medium to light body and light acidity.