Rainforest Alliance

Costa Rica Roast (Rain Forest Alliance)

                                Roast; Light/Medium

                                 Body; Medium

                                 Flavour; Soft/Sweet/Almonds and Blueberries

Tangy and refreshing with a medium body and a soft sweet almond aftertaste found in only the best beans.

Decaffinated Swiss Water Process

Amazon (Rain Forest Alliance)

                                    Roast; Medium/Dark

                                     Body; Full

                                     Flavour; Rich / Full/ Smooth

A smooth chocolaty blend with hints of hazelnut.


El Salvador – Award Winning; (Organic/Rain Forest Alliance)

                                     Roast; Medium

                                     Body; Medium / Full

                                     Flavour; Smooth/Creamy/ Chocolaty

Award winning, this coffee is medium roasted to produce a smooth and creamy coffee with a distinctive chocolaty taste.

El Salvador