Coffee Tips

Home and Workplace Brewers

With the increasing availability of quality domestic and workplace espresso machines, there is an
increasing demand for access to good coffee to brew at home and at the workplace.

Brewing methods may vary and may be the plunger method; the filter method; the stove top
espresso or an espresso machine. The body (mouth feel) of the coffee will vary depending on the
brewing method. Generally coffee brewed in the plunger method will have a ‘thin’ body while the
same coffee brewed in the espresso method will have more body.

Important Tips for Better Coffee:-

•  buy small amounts of coffee frequently so you are always assured of its freshness.

•  buy your coffee ground by us (our grinder is always sharp) unless you have a good quality grinder and regularly sharpen or replace the blades.

•  once a pack of coffee is opened it should be kept in an airtight container. Store the container in a dark cupboard, fridge or freezer depending on the time it may take to consume.

•  if the coffee is stored in the fridge or freezer allow it to come to room temperature before brewing.

•  buy flavoured coffees ground by us – using your grinder has the potential to contaminate the next coffee you grind.

Helpful information

Flavour versus Strength Flavour is the taste on your tongue Strength is the amount of coffee used and may enhance the flavour
Coffee made with Milk The fat in milk masks the flavour of coffee. If you enjoy drinking Cappuccino/Latte/Flat White, you may require a stronger coffee to appreciate the coffee flavour.
Single Origin Coffees Tend to be more delicate than blended coffees
Lightly Roasted Coffees Tend to be more acidic than darkly roasted coffees
Caramel Coffee Is a very darkly roasted blend of coffees and is mostly used to mix with coffees to enhance flavour

To ensure you consistently brew a good cup of coffee there are some important points to

You require good FRESH COFFEE preferablyground as you use it CBRH coffee is vacuum packed within an hour of it being roasted, using state of the art technology, which maintains freshness
You require good water, preferably spring water or filtered
Tainted water will alter the taste of coffee
You require a good GRINDER It is important to keep the blades sharp, to ensure the grind is even, so the coffee extraction is consistent
You require a good CLEAN MACHINE Espresso machines particularly need regular cleaning with specific products (see Shopping Cart). A build up of coffee oils will taint the coffee causing bitterness
You require good SKILLS Practice will make perfect. Contact us to join in a class


You require good water